Accident & Sickness Insurance

Did you know 46% of foreclosures on homes are caused due to a disability?

Accident & Sickness Insurance

A person’s best asset isn’t in the things they own, it is in their ability to maintain their lifestyles even when they need to stop.

Not sure how to protect your income and assets? Read below ⬇️

✔️Emergency Fund: If you need to take time off work, will you be able to pay your bills? It’s recommended to have at least 1-3 months of bills in savings for emergencies. 

✔️Disability Insurance: this protects you and your family from an unexpected illness or accidents that leave you unable to work and earn an income. Typically, disability insurance covers a percentage of your regular income 

✔️Critical illness insurance: Many treatments are not covered and have to be paid for out of pocket. Critical illness insurance can help relieve the financial pressure of this situation.

Bottom line: If your loved ones depend on your financial support for their livelihood, then insurance is a must. We work with you to review your current benefits and help fill in any gaps. 

✔️Protect yourself from accidents 

✔️Protect yourself from sickness 

✔️Get paid when you need to take time off work 

And more! 

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